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Scaffolding Fringed Suede Keychain - Burgundy Diane Von F nUqXRR77MR
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    Boots Riley Breaks Down the Savvy Radicalism of His Directorial Debut,

    Boots Riley Breaks Down the Savvy Radicalism of His Directorial Debut, Sorry to Bother You

    The rapper-turned-filmmaker talks about how issues of race, class, and politics play into his surreal new comedy.

    A Candid Conversation Between Liz Phair and Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan

    Two pillars of brilliantly blunt indie rock from different generations come together to discuss how things change and how they don’t.

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    The singer-songwriter is still a badass of the highest order.

    Stephen Malkmus on How to Be a Useful Human

    The indie rock patron saint talks about being afraid of Twitter, cooking carbonara for his kids, and why he considered asking Lorde to sing on his upcoming album, .

    Courtney Barnett Talks About Taking on Misogyny and Self-Doubt With Her New Album

    finds the Australian songwriter doubling down on topics she’d rather avoid.

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    Karin Dreijer and her creative director discuss the kinky visuals that motivated them while creating the latest incarnation of Fever Ray.

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    The refreshingly blunt singer talks about dragging her exes in her songs, loving Limp Bizkit as a teen, and expressing the many emotions of black women.

    The Blind Hatred Of Hillary Clinton

    Today, popular female lawmakers like Calif. Sen. Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren—both vastly qualified public servants—face criticisms of a similar nature. In the same way, gendered demands for perfection and ideological Statement Clutch Moe Sweet Heart by VIDA VIDA VgZQuF2ap
    of the Democratic Party weighed on Clinton from the primary to the general, the moment Harris’ name began being passed around last summer, the Sanders wing applied the exact same treatment toher.

    The same accusations of inauthenticity, establishment ties, corruption and coziness with donors that Trump supporters hijacked to attack Clinton in the general election are Marilyn Leathertrimmed Suede Baseball Cap Black Rag amp; Bone Yq0paE
    . And as for Warren, despite how neatly she fits the mold of an economic progressive who’s been fighting the same fight for years, the same likability politics that haunted Clinton are arguably in play here. A widely held belief among many Democrats is that Warren shouldn’t run because she’s too polarizing to be electable.

    Despite how Sanders and Warren are, in many ways, just the male and female versions of each other, 2017 polling shows Sanders is decently liked across the aisle while Warren is passionately despised by everyone outside of her general base of supporters. In other words, it’s not her stances and candor—which she shares with the notably male Bernie Sanders—that render her “unelectable.” It’s hergender.

    The national elephant in the room seems to be this: How can we elect a woman in a country that, while deeply divided, seems united in its determination not to? The answer to this question will take something of a national reckoning.

    The simple truth seems to be that, instead of admitting that our country which prides itself on equality and limitless opportunity for all is too sexist to elect a female president, we’d rather go down a cheaper, easier route instead. That is, by making the standards so high and the office so utterly unattainable for women that we never have to admit to or grapple with the lingering existence of our nation’s centuries-old tradition of misogyny.

    Join The Rantt Community

    How, exactly, are female politicians supposed to respond to being called “inauthentic?”

    Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the media — Nov. 7, 2016 (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

    When it comes to accusations of inauthenticity, to demands for female politicians to be more “real” and “relatable,” there’s really no way they can win. In showing emotion and the very vulnerability that render people relatable to each other, female politicians would be deemed feminine and, as a result, weak and dissociated with leadership. In failing to show the perfect amount of emotion—whatever that may be—female politicians would be deemed cold, unrelatable and, of course, unlikable. Women can’t even know the facts without being perceived as trying too hard, or, in the words of NBC’s Chuck Todd, seeming “over-prepared” and, as a result, unlikable.

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